Neurology and Psychiatry

Migragol Tablet

Migragol 3d


Migraine headache, Tension headache.


When the early symptoms of migraine appears, take 1-2 tablets. Repeat this dosage after an hour. For prevention, take one tablet 2 times a day.


Side effects: It may cause drowsiness.

Contraindications and cautions : It's not recommended for patient with hepatic disorder. it's also not used for children under 14 years of age .
Pregnancy and Lactation: It is not recommended in pregnancy and lactation .


Each tablet contains 212 mg extract mixtures of (1/3 ratio): Valeriana officinalis roots, Foeniculum vulgare fruits, Salix alba barks, Melissa officinalis leaves .


Foeniculum vulgare : anethole , fenchone , methyl chavicol , estragole flavonoids , stilbene , beta– sisterol , limonene , coumarins (bergapten and sterols , myrcene ) .
Valeriana officinalis : valerianine , isovaltrate , valerenic acid , valepotriates,,pinene , camphene, borneol , eugenol .
chlorogenic acid , valtrate , valerenol , flavonoids . Melissa officinalis : Citral , citronellal , geraniol , eugenol , caryophyllene , flavonoids , luteoline – 7- glycosides , rhamnosine , cosmosiin , rhamnocitrin . Salix alba : various phenolic glycosides including salicin , salicortin , salireposide , picein ,and triandrin , catechins , salicortin .
Stands on : 0.2 - 0.3 mg Flavonol – o – Glycosides as Quercetin .

Drug Form

F.C tablet .

Pharmacological actions

Migraine , migraine - like headaches , and neuralgia are common problems today . Considerable evidence support an association between migraine headache and vasomotor instability , but the mechanisms are not yet known (1). The mechanism of migraine can be described as a three- stage process : initiation , prodrome , and headache . Although a particular stressor may be associated with the onset of a specific attack , it appears that initiation is dependent on the accumulation of several stressors over time. These stressors ultimately affect serotonin metabolism (2). Once a critical point of susceptibility is reached, a cascade event is initiated : decreased tissue serotonine levels. Changes in the platelet count, alteration in responsiveness of key cerebrovascular
end organs and the build up of histamine , arachidonic
acid metabolites , or other mediators of inflammation (3).
Migragol herbal drop is a combination of several plant
extracts and is able to relieve the patient's severe headache .In a clinical trial in two groups of 35 patients with migraine headache, one group was treated with migragol tablet for 12 weeks while the other one received propranolol for the same period of time. The results showed that both drugs were equally effective in reducing the intensity, frequency and duration of headache, however , the patients were more satisfied with migragol compared to propranrolol (4,5) . The mechanism of action of migragol is : Valepotriates and valerenic acid bind to GABA receptors in a similar fashion to benzodiazepines (6,7), and induce sedation . The sedative action of the constituents of Valeriana officinalis overall , can inhibit the stressors by which migraine headache is initiated . Also , salicin and other phenol glycosides from Salix alba inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins and have potent anti- inflammatory and analgesic effects. Therefore, migragol can relieve patient's headache effectively.


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