Hemorrho-Herb Ointment

Hemorrho Herb 3d


Hemorrhoids congested hemorrhoids , symptomatic relief of discomfort , irritation and itching due to piles .


Apply freely at night and morning and after every bowel movement .For internal piles , attach applicator to end of tube before use .


Side effects: Side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages. Sensitive individuals to herbal plants may show allergic symptoms. If allergic reactions develop discontinue usage and consult your physician.

Note: Hemorrho-herb is prepared for external use. Do not touch your eyes when using it.

Pregnancy and Lactation : Usage of this product is not contraindicated in this period


Hamamelis contains flavonoids ,tannins ( hamamelitannin and proanthocyanidins ) small amounts of volatile oil and other component . The bark contains 31 times more hamamelitannin ) than the leaf extract . Benzoin tincture contains benzoin resin and volatile essence which contains free balsamic acids , chiefly cinnamic and benzoic acids and their esters , vanillin and benzaldehyde .

Drug Form

Ointment .
Packaging : 30 gr tubes

Active ingredients

Hamamelis water (Distilled Witch Hazel) 25% Compound Benzoin tincture 8.3% Zinc oxide 5.1 %

Each gram of Hemorrho Herb ointment is standardized on the basis of Zinc oxide 52 mg and balsamic acid 3 mg .

Pharmacological actions

Hamamelis contains varying amounts of active compounds such as flavonoids tannins
( hamamelitannin and proantho cyanidins ) , small amounts of volatile oil and other component , which may be responsible for its as astringent action and to stop bleeding . A specially filtered fraction of the extract , containing mostly proanthocyandins , was found to have significant anti-viral activity
against herpes simplex virus type 1 . The same fraction was also found to have a strong antiphlogistic ( inflammation – reducing ) effect . Antioxidant , radiation - protective , and anti- inflammatory activity have been confirmed . Recently , hamamelitannin and proanthocyanidins isolated from hananelis were evaluated for their mechanisms of action in reported anti inflammatory activity . It was found that some proanthocyanidin fractions inhibit inflammatory mediators derived from arachidoinc acid and inhibited the formation of platelet -activation factor . Strong antioxidant activity against superoxide ( a highly reactive form of oxygen ) , released by several enzymes during the inflammatory process may also play a role in hamamelis anti-inflammatory effects .In a recent study , Japanese researchers sought plant compounds that protect cells in skin tissue from damage against harmful forms of oxygen It seems that hamamelis has a potential anti-aging or anti – wrinkling effect on the skin .
Hamamelis as an external anorectal preparation is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids and is able to remove inflammation , irritation , itching and pain . The local antiseptic effects of tannins in hamamelis prevents local infection , and help the remission of the affected area in rectom . Tannins and other astringent in hemorrho herb ointment constrict the dilated and congested vessels in the rectom and thus decrease hemorrhage and help for a faster symptomatic relieve of hemorrhoids . The presence of benzoic tincture and zinc oxide shows a stronger astringent effect .
Note : Hemorrhoherb is prepared for external use do not contact your hand with your eyes when use the ointment .
Side effects: Side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages . Sensitive individuals to herbal plants may show allergic effects . If allergic reactions are seen discontinue the application and consult with your physician.
Pregnancy and lactation : The usage of this product is not contraindicated in this period .


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