About us

About us

Goldaru  Herbal pharmaceutical laboratories was established  in 1984 and licensed through the Ministry of Health and Medical Education  with two main goals :

1)Presenting herbal drugs in the forms of popular dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, ointments syrups, drops, sprays etc.

2)To  obtain  standard  medicinal  herbs  through  cultivation  and harvesting  of  such plants under standard  supervision for more favorable quality herbs .

Research plays an important role in the development of new herbal medicines in Goldaru Co. A group of scientists specialized in various fields of pharmacy cooperate with Goldaru Co. Goldaru also enjoys the assistance of some agricultural  engineers for scientific cultivation and harvest   of  medicinal plants . Needless  to say  that Goldaru  through its ceaseless efforts and mutual cooperation with scientists from foreign universities has been able to take advantage of  high  pharmaceutical  technologies in well equipped laboratories in preparing new dosage forms of herbal drugs.

The increasing tendency of the people all over the world towards the  use of medicinal plants , has opened the door to drug products of plant origin . Herbal medicine will certainly play a major role in the  medicine of the future . As modern medicine gains more knowledge and understanding about health and disease , it is adopting therapies   that are more  natural and less toxic . An  effective  alternative in therapeutics  is the administration  of medicinal  plants  in the treatment of diseases  . The medicinal plants show  less  adverse effects  and tend to normalize  physiological  function of the body  organs in natural ways.

Research has always been a priority at Goldaru and the key to   success  for  introducing  and presenting a wide variety of  new  formulations .

Goldaru  presents  herbal medicines in  the following  classifications :

-Genitourinary tract disorders

-Cardiovascular disorders

-Psycho – neurological disorders

-Gastrointestinal disorders

-Respiratory tract disorders

-Musculoskeletal disorders

-Immune system stimulation

-Milk production stimulation Tonics

-Dermatological disorders

-Stomatological disorders     

Goldaru in regard with its scientific achievement has been awarded the ISO-9001:2008.

Goldaru has extended its business and exportes its herbal products to some other countries such as Afghanestan,Iraq, Yemen, Azarbayejan, Tajikestan and Ukraine.

Goldaru pharmaceutical company has a number of agricultural lands which are used for herbal cultivation.

Goldaru pursues excellence with the goal of being recognized as a leading herbal drugs manufacturing company,

which innovates products with guaranteed quality.